Top happy birthday wishes for friends

                        Top happy birthday wishes  for friends

Are you getting birthday wishes in Hindi? Happy birthday in Hindi font and language is the best way for friends and family to send you a warm congratulation through different mediums like Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram. Birthdays are important because our age and adulthood are measured by the years we live in, and we get some rights in a certain age. So, do not forget the birthday wishes of anybody who likes you.  happy Birthday wishes in Hindi are considered and typed after your great efforts to give you specialization

  Top happy birthday wishes  for friends

  •  Suppose we are far away from you, but with heart you are with you
    Do not think that you are naked on your birthday, look at your eyes, we have you    
  • You have a treasure of friends, but this friend is your old one,
    Never forget this friend, because this friend is crazy about your friendship. Happy Birthday ..

  •  Your life is full of desires, every moment of sweetness,
    Daman too small, so much happiness will give you this new tomorrow. Happy Birthday Dear ..
  • Flowers have sent a nectar jam,
    Suraj has sent a greeting with Gagan,
    Congratulations you a new birthday,
    With a clear heart, we have sent this message ..
  • Flowers are always your life,
    Khusia kissed step is your very love and

  • Every way,
    Be happy every way,
    Be beautiful every day,
    This is the whole life,
    This is my prayer every day,
    This is your every birthday .... !!

  • Laughing you among the crores,
    Among the millions you bloom
    In the midst of thousands you are illuminated,
    As the sun resides between the sky,
    Happy birthday !!

  • God protects you from a bad look,
    Moon stars decorated with you,
    Do you forget what happens to gum,
    God laughs so much for you !!
  • Do not spit,
    I do not teach,
    You are welcome
    I pray that
  • How do you insult God for this day,
    On the day when you sent us to earth,
    Do not know why I was waiting,
    Maybe your birthday is for this,
    Every one of my prayers is for your longevity,
    The heart knows itself, you do not know what to do.
  • Moon moon dear,Even night from moonlight,Night life, dearAnd dear to you,
  • When New Zealand can defeat Bangladesh, Munny can be disgraced,
    Sheela can be young, onion can be 80 kg,
    Then 2 days later you can not wish birthday?
    Belated Happy
    . Belated Happy B'Day Dear !!
  this is some meaning full happy birthday wishes for friend family member 
which can you send to spread love this friend gf bf etc
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