35 apj Abdual Kalam motivational Quotes

35 apj Abdul Kalam  motivational Quotes 

A PJ Abdul Kalam quote and thoughts in Hindi (valuable consideration of APJ Abdul Kalam)Former President of India, great scientist and teacher, APJ Abdul Kalam, is not fond of any introduction. This is India's most favorite young mark. He has worked hard with his hard work, passion and strength to travel the peak. He has said many things that can be achieved by reaching the peak of success by adopting in his life. We have compiled similar thoughts here.

49 apj Abdul Kalam  motivational Quotes

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1. Educationists should become ideal by creating creativity, sense of knowledge and the ability of ethical leadership.
2. If my definition of success is strong then failure can never go ahead of me

3. We should think and act like millions of people, not like the country of millions of people. Dream, dream, dream! "~ A.P.J.Abdul Kalam

4. Religion is a great way to make friends and fight for small people

Abdul Kalam Abdul Kalam

5.  English is essential because the basic work of science is currently in English. I believe that in the next two decades, the basic work of science will start coming in our languages, then we can move forward like the Japanese.
Abdul Kalam Abdul Kalam

6.  How accurately can the law abolish crime? There should be a mechanism to take action very fast. The rules are such that hold them and punish them.

7. You can not change your future but you can change your habits and of course your habits will change your future.

8.  Wherever there is a truth in someone's heart, his character is also beautiful. Where there is beauty in somebody's character, there is happiness in the house only. When there is peace and harmony in the house, peace will also prevail in the country. "  

9.   Human beings need difficulties because they are necessary to enjoy success. When we face difficulties, then we find unlimited reserves of courage hidden within us. When we fail, only then can we realize that resources are always with us, we only need to find and move forward.

10. If a country becomes a country of corruption free and a good mind, then only three social members can make changes to it. And the three members are fathers, mothers and teachers

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11.  Unless India stands on its stance in the world, we will not respect anyone. There is no place for fear in this world. Only strength respects power.

12.   India needs its shadow, and we have a model of self development.

13: We should think and work like millions of people, not like millions of people. Dream, dream, dream!

14.  Instead of wanting a job, we have to make young people job oriented.

15.   Every country can learn from China that we should pay more attention to rural enterprises to build good enterprises, good quality health care and educational facilities.

 16.   My point is that we are more optimistic and imaginative in youth and we are less impressed than others.

 17.   How much law can end the crime? There should be a mechanism to take action very fast. Rules are such that they catch them and punish them.

 18.  Pricing India is to transform the nation into a developed nation, prosperous nation and a healthy nation.

 19.  Life is like a tough game that you win only if you follow the right to be your human being

 20.  If a country is to make the country of corruptionless and beautiful minded people, then I firmly believe that three main members of society can do this. Father, Mother and Guru "~ APJ Abdul Kalam

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 21.  Tell me, why is the media so negative here? Why are we so embarrassed to recognize our strengths, our achievements in India? We are such a great nation. We have such wonderful success stories, but we refuse to accept them. Why?

 22. Climbing to the top demands force, whether it is the top of Mount Everest or the top of your career.

23.   Confidence and hard work is the best medicine to kill a disease called failure. This makes you a successful person.

 24.  The youth will have to be able to become job creators from job seekers.

 25.  The economic situation forced me to become a vegetarian but later, I liked it

 26. you god help these peoples whose  do handwork! this is fact

 27.  country's best mind you can find at the last of classroom

28.  one good is equal to thousands of friends and one good friend  equal to thousands of book 

29.  Look at the sky above, we are not alone - the whole universe is with us. All the universe helps them in fulfilling dreams of those dreamers and hard worker

30.  to reach at top of mount this required energy if this will Everest and job top 

31. Do not we know that self respect  comes with self-sufficiency -
A.P.J. Abdul Kalam

32.  God, our Creator has given us unlimited powers and abilities in our mind and personality. God's prayer helps us to develop these powers.

33.  God is everywhere.

34.  We have not attacked anybody. We have not won any win. We have not taken possession of their land, their culture, their history nor have we tried to impose their way of life.

35.   Real education enhances the dignity of a person and enhances his self-esteem. If every human being is understood as the true meaning of education and is carried forward in every field of human activity, then it will be a better place to live in this world

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