55 best Attitude status for Whatsapp

 55 best  Attitude status for Whatsapp

For the position of attitude?Indians are defined by their calm and best attitude. After keeping it, do not set the position on the attitude to define it. Following is a complete list of the latest high-level positions in Hindi for 2018. All are so attractive that you will come again and again to determine the status of a new attitude in Hindi for WhatsApp and Facebook. We have collected these conditions, so that you do not waste your time searching or typing on the internet for Hindi attitude for Whatsapp. This collection is meant to define your savege for both boys and girls.

best attitude status

1. He has taken the intoxication of attitude which will not come to me,
Even if the person is destroyed, the bandada will not bow to anyone.

2. I enjoy when people show attitude towards me, it shows that they need an approach to impress   them!

I do not have bad handwriting, I have my own font !!

 4    Please do not be confused between my personality and my attitude

 5    My attitude is based on how you treat me.

6.  In front of the father, do not make a mistake, and do not make a mistake, son in front of us.

7   Good luck to you,
    That you are seeing my "Status" and "DP".

Life will give you what you want, not what you want.

I loved a girl and she broke my heart. Now every piece of my heart loves different girls. People say it flirt, that's not fair ...

10.  Approved is that dragon, where the attitude of the journey will be.

11     Do not make too precious to yourself, we are poor people leave expensive things.

12   Deserts also become green, when your brothers stand with you.

13     Some people were very fond of publishing news headlines, all the junk sales went away like this.

14.  I do not have the motive to stand in the bar,
Rather, Bhang is standing for what he has to become.

So rich, do not buy everything,
But not too poor to sell yourself !!

16    Listen to me, think about a little bit of thinking,
Because I'm cute, but not mute !!

Now we do not even get into the ground,
And people started our discussion !!

I am the King of Shayari and the pen is my queen,
Alfaz is my slave, the rest is in my heart!

19. It is my fame to think about this.
They salute me, who greet you!

20. Some people were very fond of publishing news headlines, all the junk sales went away like this.

cool best whatsapp status

21. My life is like an içki of cards,
In front of himself, if the King is bowed down, then what does the sister-in-law "queen"

22. Attitude is also ours,
Dangerous are crazy,
Once forgot,
Understand it!

What did I forget after forgetting it,
If you have breath,
Write your love story on stones,
And speaking to the ocean,
If it's breath, erase it !!

Whenever I got cheated,
Sadness in life,
The thought would leave this Rah-e-Mashabat,
Cummock now again got Miss Call from 1 new number !!

Sanam teri hafarat ko dost nahi nahi,
Who wipes my desire,
This love is not a game,
Who played today's swans and forgot the cry of tomorrow !!

From our lives,
Do not borrow anything,
Also take a shroud,
So by giving your life !!

Watch as you speak English,
But one day you will have to speak in Urdu,
Qabool is the qabool is qabool !!

Does not stop coming,
Do not touch the one to go,
I am Nawab Pagli,
So do not bend in front of anyone !!

 29. So much so much on your Whatsapp,
Your "FRIENDS" is ...
That's why our Anytime⌚ online📲 live ...

30  I have kept some people back to talk back ...
# Salary is nothing but work honestly on them

31    Famine death, he died, who does the work of Chandal. Even the children should not be bankrupt, who are devotees of Mahakala ... Har Har Mahadev

32  If your relationship with the sky is strong then ... the land can not spoil anything of yours ...

33  My city will not run in your drama ... .. I am so famous as much as Obama in America

34  Do not go on our silence, because our silence also has a custom.

35  Apun's style is also like Amazon, people say, "Show more, and show ..."

36  I do not mix like people, love or hate what I do 100%

37   They will also take two guns in time, press the trigger and also run the bullet, and also rule it, which people say ... .. "world

38  If you talk with love, you will find love, if you talk about arrogance then you will be seen in my block list.

39  listen  Chori ... No matter how much you compliment your "Boyfriend" ...
But your "Boyfriend" also makes me "Status Copy"

40  By gathering the crowd, it is easy to beat anyone,
But the fun is only when you hear the name of a stampede in the crowd.

mature attitude whatsapp status

41  I have kept some people back to talk back ...
# Salary is nothing but work honestly on them

42  People did not let fall when they did not walk, when they tried to throw themselves on foot.

43  Nobody listens to anyone more than the extent, no matter how special, no one has learned to be overwhelmed, no matter how big a bad man is in front

44  Tell us your Papa, let's see our terraced area,
Only # names are enough of their #jamai .

45  As much as you like, the attitude is seen to end my grief, 3600 like you are less

46  What is boasting on the wealth of the father, the fun is only when wealth is his and father boasts

47 Paise Ka To Pata Nahi Par Kuch Jagaah Naam Aisa Kamaya Hai Ki Waha Paisa Kam Mera #Naam Jyada Chalta Hai.

48  Our Style and Attitude is a little different, if you go to match, then you will be sold ...

49. New # New is you son ... I have played games old?
Those people who bounce on you ... You are my old disciples.

50  If you obey all the rules, you’ll miss all the fun.!!

51 The speed of the Airtel 4G is also faded ahead of me, I will go straight to the heart and see once

52  .My girlfriend ?? Seeing with the other ??? I never mind? I do not believe that I'm my mother ?? have said…
Played? What should be done for the poor?

53  Bande should be right in his own eyes,
This world is sad even with God !!

54  No one is trying to try us,
We write our own fate,
It is our nature to change the writing of God,
Changing the necklace changes to the wings of hands

55  We still play the game of Shatran,
Play alone,
Because the moves against friends,
Do not walk!

56  We had written a status of amazement in the shock; the people who read the true-minded shock

57  Seeing it is not a cigarette but it is like this,
Every gengah man salutes this face!

58  After all, you have learned this terrible time,
What you learn, we try only on ourselves !!

59  Money is not known #PAGLI,
But in some places the name has earned such that there is no #Paisa my #Naam runs "

60  You look at my hands, right then,
People will burn like a crocodile in the field !!

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