77 best Love Status for Whatsapp

                  77 best Love Status for Whatsapp

TOP Love Status for Whatsapp & Love Quotes with You. Now Days Everyone Likes to Set New Love Status for Whatsapp Everyday. If You are Among them, Then We are providing.

Whatsapp is the app which was used by the people to share instant photos Videos and sms with friends.Whatsapp is the Cross-Platforms app which was work by using internet.By using status you can share your felling with your friends.So the collection of whatsapp status is given below.I hope you would like it.

best Love Status for Whatsapp

 1.His roles of 👈👈ठ😏😏😏😏😏😏😏😏,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

Say this on the talk, take thought. Then I will not talk. 😘😚😜

Best Love Whatsapp Status in english

2. Who does not love when and when does it happen? This is that house, whose door is not there.

 3. We live far away but we pray with heart; We love to love sitting at home; We always keep your memories together; 

4. You remember only by day or night. " 

5. I need some new, hated ones, old ones, now I have started wanting6.Weird paya hai aur tera dil ke ki, the eyes are on it, the resentment is also with him ... 

7. ​​His trick was enough to blow the heart, ... now it has become a lot since he started wearing a pair of legs ... 

8. Why do you see the mirror again ... will take a look at my love affair

 9. You have been wanting for a great time! You have found from great darshan! How can you forget to forget! You've stolen from the fate of luck ... 

10. Never consider playing your love, otherwise the game has played so many times that there is no defeat. 

11. The whole world is in water ... but my mind is in my queen ...

Best Love Status for Whatsapp

12. Where do you live with me? I do not know, wherever you go I myself, you get ...

 13. Who said the pagli, we die on your beauty ... we die on that payday! The money you see from us ... 

14. He has put my #Photos on his #mobile ... # Who asks who is this, that's what #pagli says ...# Of my # father is frozen ...

 15. If you go to die then do not tell it to the news ... If she falls, then this DÏL will be beating again ...

 16. What do my friends look like? Where do I laugh, Guess the friends do not see that mirror.

17. What your eyesight has seen on the eyes, we have made the will of your breath for you.

 18. If you put my hand on my property and see if I can not put my hand on you 

19. It is faith in my love so much that what happened to me can not be of anybody else.

 20. I love only two people, one of my mother who gave birth to meAnd the second one that was born to me ... 

21. Listen, just tell that much, how can you find us ... He is a rude speaker. All you complain about is a quote from us ..., we also bowed down the head All of us, too, are also from you!

Romantic Love Status for Whatsapp

22. The happiness in my life is with your excuse; half is with your perspiration, half is your perspective ... 

23. I knew that those paths never went to my destination, yet I kept walking because some of my parents used to come there too! 

24. Either way, everything is safe in your world. There are just relationships which are now seen from broken broken ... 

25. Try to get someone from you, do not miss the ones in life ...

 26. Examining many relationships, the result is only one, everything is needed, love is nothing ...

 27. There are many happiness in life, happiness in life, even less, do not let the miseries of the mill come laugh.

 28. Take some time for yourself, otherwise you will have a lot but you will not have any one. 

29. Troubles are thousands, in this era, if someone just makes an eye out, then it is not tolerated

 30. Let me split in arms; Let your smile be smoked, your heart stops and breath stopsNow let your lips touch me.

Romantic Love Whatsapp Status in Hindi

31. In my lifetime, I wish you should descend. I see the mirror and you see, you are in front and time.This life will pass by looking at you only.

 32. Why do not two accusations of us spit so much of us! Go ask him why you have made Hashin! 

33. Do not control the beats in some way. A heart is still inclined in the eyelids. Smiling is yet to be done. 

34. Life is very beautiful, everyone said the day you saw it, it was even convinced!

 35. Seeing you, you also understood the mood, or else you used to hear the praise of this word ... 

36. Do not you speak? You can not live without you ... we take advantage of this matter, no. 

37. T से is overrun with the above ... and ☞❥ Tʊʍɦξ from ☞❥ Tʊʍɦξ ... और above 

38. On that day you will feel very bad to your loved ones, even on that day you will feel very beautifull

 39. I have changed a lot, myself, but, you have not changed the habit of wanting to break that down ...
 40. He will save you from life only once, let him say that I am amenitous

41.  Do The Math. Me+You= Love.

42. You Are What I Need In My Life.

43. You Are Just Memory Of My Love.

44. I Love Things That Makes You Happy.

45. Love Has No Age No Limit & No Death.

46. I pinky Promise I Will Love You Forever. ( Love Status for Whatsapp )

47. When Love Is Not Madness, It Is Not Love.

48. You Are The Light Of My Life. I Love You.

49. Love When You’Re Ready, Not You’Re Lonely.

50.The Good Things In Life Are Better With You.

whatsapp love status in hindi


51. ना उस ने कभी बांधा ना मैंने कभी छोड़ा, ऐसा खूबसूरत रिश्ता है हमारा

52.  अपने चेहरे को इतना मत निखारो …. मुझे डर है कही मेरे चश्मे का नंबर ना बढ़ जाए 

53. तुम दिवाली की चमचमाती शाम जैसी… और मै किसी सुनसान-सी आम रात कोई

54. चाहे पूछ लो सवेरे से या शाम से ये दिल धड़कता है बस तेरे नाम से 

55. बिलकुल एक जैसे हैं हम दोनों उसका गुस्सा खत्म नहीं होता और मेरा प्यार 

56. थोड़े गुस्से वाली थोड़ी नादान हो तुम , पर जैसी भी हो मेरी जान हो तुम 

57 .बैठे है महफ़िल में … इसी आस में वो निगाहें उठाएँ तो ….हम सलाम करें 

58. आँखें नीची करके अपने रास्ते चला करो, लोग आँखों से भी अलफ़ाज़ चुरा लेते हैं …

59. सच्ची मोहब्बत तो एक तरफ से ही होती है, जो दोनों तरफ से हो उसे किस्मत कहते

this is powerful collection of best love status for whatsapp 

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