a true motivational story for student

       motivational story for student

a story of ias varun baranwal of 2013 batch ias this is a common Indian man story 
it will can motivate you fight with difficulties and struggles

 story of ias varun baranwal:

Varun BaranwalVarun Baranwal is a resident of Boisar, a small town in Maharashtra. He was born in a very poor family but from the beginning he was a promising student. They have seen poverty very closely and have lived. When he was younger, his father used to run a cyclist shop to run the house and the entire house was spent with him. There was a lot of poverty in the house, but despite their parents continued to teach their children, time had always tested them and obstacles also came. During the examination of 10 V, his father became ill and he also made preparations for his examination with the care of his father during the whole examination. On March 21, 2006, his 10th exam ended and his father died on March 24th. Varun is the eldest son in his house because of five brothers and sisters, so Varun took over the responsibility of running the house after father's death. After some time his 10th result came and he got second place in the whole city.Recalling an anecdote of his life, he explains, "When I passed the 10th grade, a friend of mine greeted me and asked what to do now in life. This was the train which was grieved and frustrated by listening to me because I did not have any answer and then thought of working for home to go home but when I went home my mother understood my mind and said, Do and I'll handle the shop. The entire family members encouraged me and said that you continue the studies, but the cost of the next study was up to 10000 which our family did not have, so I decided to leave my studies and work at the shop. One day when I was working at the shop, Dr. Kapali, who knew my father, saw me and asked what you are doing here and after knowing my problems, you say - you take admission in class 11th and will pay for it. "| That was the moment when he gave Varuna's dream and created new self-confidence. Now he was working at the shop to run home with studies, but he had complete confidence in himself and he never stopped studying in despair. Whenever you get some time during work all day, read your book. In 2008, Varun passed a good number from 12th Science Science subject.varun baranwal success story ias

varun baranwal success story ias

Now when money was needed for admission in engineering, the people who knew about Sukumar Bhaiyya, family and some people gathered money and got admission in engineering at MIT College, Pune, in Electronics and Telecommunications. Varun topped the engineering term for the first term so that he got scholarship for further studies. But remembering the episode of Second Year, Varun explains that "the process of scholarship was difficult and complicated, so it took me a full second year to get me a scholarship. During this intermediate, I helped some of my friends in my study and taught when needed. The result was that friends and teachers of my college jointly deposited my financial support and could give me a second year examination ". Scholarship proved to be very helpful in furthering the expenditure of his engineering studies. He also taught tohans to get his expenditure in the middle. 

Varun Baranwal IAS story

In this way, he completed the 2012 engineering while struggling with financial difficulties. In the meantime, he got the job offer of MNC company Deloitte in the campus placements. This was the time at which all the troubles had to end and the floor was clearly visible. But they had to do something else. He did not want to solve his problem by doing private job but instead to remove social problems. With this thought, he thought of taking the UPSC exam and started preparing for the UPSC exam. When his mother came to know that he was not taking the offer of private company, his mother became very angry and did not talk to him for 3 months. But when UPSC was ranked 32nd in 2013, the happiest was my mother.Social work - Meron students were very excited about their studies, along with them, they had tremendous trends in social work, so that they participated in the Anna movement of 2011. Along with this, when he got the opportunity to help him, he did not lose.
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