chhath puja,pooja important day ,time

chhath puja ,pooja, important day ,time

Chhath Pooja Wishes,  Quotes - The festival of Chhath Puja is celebrated in north India with great pomp and devotion after Diwali. Chhath Pooja 2018 Wishes Images Sms Quotes in Hindi The festival of Chhath Pooja which lasted four days will be held this year from 11 November to 14 November. During Chhath pooja and festivals, people fast, and they stand in water in a river or pond with water to give rise to the sun rising. The festival of Chhath Pooja is performed by Lord Sun for the success and happiness of his family as well as in many mythological legends, Chhath of Chhath Pooja with his family, friends and relatives on this Chhath Pooja Share the greetings of Pooja Sms Wishes Images Quotes

chhath puja,pooja important day ,time

Date of Chhath Pooja in 018

     Sunday, November 11, 2018, is the day of bathing and eating.

     Monday, November 12, 2018 is the day of fasting which ends after sunset after 36 hours of fasting

     Tuesday, November 13, 2018 is the day of Arghya which is known as the evening worship.

     Wednesday, November 14, 2018 is the day of opening of sunrise Arghya and Paran or fasting.

chhath Pooja Story

Long prior, there was a ruler whose name was cherished, and his significant other was Malini. They lived cheerfully however there was a great deal of misery in their life that they had no youngsters. With the assistance of Maharishi Kashyap, he chose to make a major forfeit for the favors of the kids. His significant other wound up pregnant because of the impact of forfeit. Yet, following 9 months, he brought forth a dead tyke. The lord was exceptionally troubled and he chose to submit suicide.

Tradition and customs of Chhath Pooja

It is believed that the person who performs Chhath worshiping separates himself from his main family for 4 days of abstinence after taking a holy bath. Throughout the whole period, he sleeps on the floor with a blanket with pure feeling. It is generally believed that once a family starts Chhath Puja, he and his next generation will also have to do this pooja every year and it can be left only when someone died in that family in that year.
The devotee offering chants to the Sun in a small bamboo basket along with sweet, kheer, thikua and fruit on Chhath. Prasad is prepared without salt, onion and garlic for maintaining purity. This is a 4-day festival that includes:

On the first day devotees take a bath in the holy water of the Ganga early in the morning and bring some water house to prepare their home offerings. This day there should be cleanliness around the house and home. They take a time meal, which is known as pumpkin rice, which is made in a copper or clay pot using only manganese sticks on the soil stove (stove).
On the second day (one day before the sixth day), the devotee keeps fast all day, and in the evening after the worship of the earth (earth), the sun opens the fast after the sun sets. They offer kheer, whole, and fruits in worship. After eating the meal in the evening, he kept fasting for 36 hours without drinking water.
On the third day (on the sixth day), they give evening on the banks of the river banks. After arriving, they wear yellow saris. Other members of the family wait for Pooja to receive blessings. On the night of Chhath, the traditional program is celebrated by burning the charcoal lamps covered with five ganas on Kosi. The five sugarcane displays the five elements (earth, water, fire, air and sky), from which the human body creates.
On the fourth day of the morning (Parun), devotees offer bihaniya arghya along with their family and friends along the Ganges river. The devotee opens the fast by eating Prasad.

Steps of Chhath Pooja

There are six great steps of Chhath Pooja which are:

It is believed that fasting and cleansing of the body at the festival are done to remove the body and the mind from the poisonous elements and accept the proverbial sun energy.
By standing half-dead body in water, by reducing the exhaust of the energy from the body, it facilitates life by enhancing Sushumna.
Then the temporal sun energy takes place in the pineal, pituitary and hypothalamus glands (known as Triveni complex) by retinal and optic veins.
In the fourth phase, the Triveni campus becomes active.
After the activation of the Triveni campus, the polarization of the spinal cord occurs and the devotee's body turns into a cosmic powerhouse and receives the Kundalini power.
In this stage, the devotee is able to completely guide, reproduce and pass on energy throughout the universe.

The benefits of Chhath Pooja practices

It is the method of purifying the body and mind that leads to biochemical changes.
It is possible to be more energetic as well as controlling the effects of pranas by purification. It improves skin outline, develops better vision and slows down the aging process.

chhath puja,pooja important day ,time

Benefits of Chhath Pooja

The devotees of Chhath Pooja can improve the immunity of the body.
Different skin-related diseases can be cured through safe sun rays.
This increases the immunity of blood disease by improving the functioning of white blood cells.
Solar energy provides the power to control secretion of hormones.
Every day the sun gives comfort to the body and mind. Pranayama, yoga and meditation are also ways to control the body and mind. Pilgrims come to Varanasi for a peaceful yoga and meditation on the banks of river Ganges.Importance of Chhath pooja

During the sunrise and sunset of Chhath Pooja, there is a special significance. The time of sunrise and sunset is the most important time of day, during which a human body can safely obtain solar energy without any damage. This is the reason that in the Chhath festival, it is a myth to give sunshine Arghya and Vihanyya Arghya. During this period, the level of ultraviolet radiation decreases in solar energy, then it is safe for the human body. People worship Chhath for continuing life on earth as well as thanking Lord Sun for receiving blessings.
Rite of Chhath pooja, (by body and mind purification) provides mental peace, increases energy level and immunity, burns frequency of anger, as well as reduces negative emotions very much. It is also believed that Chhath helps in slowing the process of aging process. Such beliefs and rituals make Chatha rituals the most important festival in Hinduism.

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