Complete Karva Chauth Vrat Katha 2018

Complete Karva Chauth Vrat Katha 2018


Complete Karva Chauth Vrat Katha 2018


 Long ago, a Brahmin named Vedasarma lived in a city of Indraprasthapur. Vedasarma was married to Lilavati, who had her seven great sons and a virtuous daughter named Veravati. Because she was the only sister of seven brothers, due to which she also had her parents, along with her parents.When he got married, he got married to a proper Brahmin youth. After marriage, when his parents were here, he kept the fast of Karva Chauth for the long life of his husband with his mother-in-law. During the fasting of Karva Chauth, Vevavati did not suffer hunger and due to weakness, she fell unconscious on the ground.

All the brothers were unable to bear the miserable situation of their beloved sister. They knew that Veeravati, who is a patriarchal woman, would not eat food without seeing the moon, even if her life could not escape. All the brothers joined together to make a plan so that their sister could take food. One of them, brother, went to some far-flung tree with a sieve and a lamp. When Veeravati was away from the unconscious state, all the other brothers told him that Chandraya has been done and brought him to visit the moon on the terrace. Veeravati saw some lamp on the tree of trunks and saw the lamp behind the sieve that the moon came out behind the tree. Disturbed by his appetite, he soon broke his fast by offering the lamp with understanding to the lamp. When Veerawati started eating food, she started receiving inauspicious signs. She first got her hair in the mouth, she sneezed in the other and in the third mouth she got an invitation from her in-laws. After reaching her in-laws for the first time, she found her husband's dead body.

Karwa Chauth Katha continued ...

Seeing the dead body of her husband, she began to cry loudly and during the fasting of Karva Chauth, she started to blame herself for some mistake. He started mourning. Listening to her sigh, Goddess Indran, who is the wife of Lord Indra, reached to give solace to solace.

Veeravati asked goddess Indranani why her husband died on the day of Karva Chauth and she started pleading with Goddess Indrani to revive her husband. Seeing the sadness of Veeravati, Goddess Indranani told him that he had broken the vow without sacrificing the moon, which caused her husband's untimely death. Goddess Indraani advised Veeravati to fast on the fourth year with the fasting of Karva Chauth and assured her that every time her husband would return alive.After this, Veeravati performs all religious acts and monthly fasting with complete faith. In the end, due to the virtue of all those vows, Veeravati got her husband again.

    How is Karwa Chauth celebrated

Women wake up in the morning before sunrise and eat a bunch. This food usually makes their mother-in-law. After eating it, women are hungry and hungry all day long. Shiva, Parvati and Kartik are worshiped in the daytime. In the evening there is a worship of the Goddess, where the long life of the husband is done. On seeing the moon, women see the image of husband and moon with sieve. The husband then breaks the fast by giving water to the wife.

    Auspicious time for worship

This time the festival of worship is from 5.40 to 6.47 pm. If, in terms of time, its total duration is 1 hour and 7 minutes.

    When to open fast

Now the talk of Chandrayaan or moon is visible. Because the fast is opened by giving up the moon. This time the moonlight will be at 7.55 in the evening.

    The story

It is a matter of time, a woman named Karwa lived with her husband in the village on the river banks. One day her husband went to the river to go to the bath. While bathing, a crocodile in the river caught his leg and started taking it in deep water. Seeing death closely, Karva Mata's husband started calling for Karva by name.

  •         Upon hearing the voice of husband, Karva Mata reached the river and angry with seeing her husband in the face of death. Karva Mata tied a crocodile with a raw thread and said that if my pantivrat religion is true then crocodile could not take my husband to deep water.

  •         After this Yamraj attended there. He told Karva to release the crocodile. Karwa said on this that the crocodile tried to kill my husband, so give him the death penalty and protect my husband. Then Yamraj said that now the age of crocodile is remaining, so I can not kill him.

  •         Karwa did not want to lose her husband's life by saying, 'I will not let you take the life of my husband on the basis of my virtuousness, you have to listen to me.' On this Yamraj said that you are a woman of piety and I am influenced by your virtue. By saying this, Yamraj took the life of the crocodile and Karva's husband got the blessing of longevity.

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