dasara wishes 2018 ! happy dusshera wishes

    happy dasara wishes 2018 ! happy dusshera wishes

Dusshera is celebrated in large numbers in India as well as in the neighboring countries of India, it is celebrated with great enthusiasm. And due to the spread of such a number, many types of stories are prevalent, to celebrate this holy festival. People like to celebrate this festival due to their different reasons for their full respect.
dusshera known as vijaydashmi  in India this large Hindu festival and people will fire large staue of rawan this is the symbols of negativity , unhealthy environment ,on 
dasara  later people wish  happy life and environment around all

dasara wishes 2018  ! happy dusshera wishes

 Wish you very Very Happy Dussehra..

    Everyday sun rise to give us a message that darkness will always be beaten by light. Let us follow the same rule and enjoy the festival . Happy Dussehra 2018.
    Millions of greetings!Thousands of
    colors;Hundreds of wishes;Tons of
    sweets;Lots of smiles;throughout Ur life.
    Happy Dasara 
   Becoming a Match of Joy in Your Life
   Never got any clashes
   Your stay forever forever
   Wishing you Happy Dussehra

    Phul khile khushi aap k kadam chume,Kabhi
    na ho dukho ka samna,Dhan hi Dhan aye aap k
    angana,Yahi he Dashera k shub avsar par Manokamna.

    Every moment your life is golden
    The house of your eternal happiness
      Are you anywhere in this where 
    Congratulate you this holy holy dasara

     Jaise Ram ji ne jeeta lanks ko. Waise app
    bhi jeeten saari duniya is dussehra mil
    jayen app ko. duniya bhar ki saari
    khushiyan, Happy Dussehra.

    A woman was putting Kumkum and rice on her tongue.
    Husband - What are you doing?
    Wife - Today is Dussehra, I am doing arms worshiping

    As Shri Ram kills Ravana,
   And comes back to people he loves,
    As Maa Durga kills Mahish-asura,
   And prepares 2 go back 2 her heavenly abode
   May these gud-over-evil stories,
   Inspire you towards ur own victories..!!!

   The destruction of lawlessness, the victory of religion
    Best wishes to all of you on the holy occasion of Dussehra

   Triumph of religion on unrighteousness
   Victory of truth on false
   The victory of good over evil
   Triumph of sin on sin
   Triumph of atrocities
   Mercy on anger, victory of forgiveness
   Triumph of knowledge on ignorance
   Pravin Parva symbolizing the victory of Lord Ram on Ravana
   Warm wishes of Vijedashmi

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