motivation story of panasonic

  motivational  story of Panasonic

motivation story of panasonic

 motivation story of panasonic :

he was born in a small as farming village in japan his family

it was poor the all lived in this small house that

the little when he was only ideas

he left school and started working

in this one shop this robot his family

we used to get up everything there for some sunrise clean most old

as an island and then look after the two loose off is employer

some years later destiny shoot them a new part

he got to do in an electricity company daily got interested in light bulbs and socket

every night he started learning and experiment

one is on one day he made them improved version of the light socket all by himself we've got very excited and showed do

but is war

it was not a list and said such a product

you even buoy was rejected have believed in this idea he wanted to

who's something on his own start a little company he asked her sprint

so limb cannot get they really [SMACK]

this moment in tube and start his own company he has no experience

very little money but hardly

the and still

he believed in themselves so when he turned twenty to it took campaign decision he left his stable too

so and started his own smaller manufacturing company he and his life

started to manufacturing socket in their small house

they all twenty tools to do selling it but no shop owner was interested they did not get any art

these months passed by and still a the will to sell their product

he saw his for two bottled money to survive a little longer many busy

but i will give up and going back to my talk but in the morning

as the sand roles you was out on the streets looking for it is so i think for

one more thing then

in your time you was almost bankrupt and just when he was closes to giving up

we didn't actually an America's happened in his life out of nowhere

he got his first media order of one and pieces

now one hundred years after that first beetle order of one thousand pieces his company now has a two hundred and fifty thousand employees

within your skills of sixty five billion dollars is complete products and now so across the

all these causing me possible by a man [COUGH] with our education and no money all we had

with a belief in himself his name is gone this came a chance

company he started in a small houses now our across to world has Panasonic


success is not dependent on how educated you was how much money you have

successes about believing in yourself

if you are also in pursuit of success just believe in yourself when known

just as so when other people

but and just to read for that one medical that will achieve your life forever

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