romantic good night message

romantic Night SMS (Message)

Great Night SMS (Message) : Night, an opportunity to go in the arms of the bed. It is the most loved time for every one of us. Great Night SMS and Good Night Message is truly outstanding and sweet approaches to pass on your adoration or care for your companion, sweetheart, sweetheart, spouse, wife, father, mother or some other relative.

When we go to bed during the evening, this is the ideal opportunity for rest, we overlook every one of our inconveniences and plan for a more splendid and better tomorrow. Following an entire day of thinking about the family it is likewise the ideal opportunity for sweethearts to make the most of their time together.

Individuals the nation over send and offer sweet, love, mindful, heart contacting, sentimental Good Night  SMS, and Good Night  Message to see a grin on the substance of their darling. Underneath we have endeavored to cover all Good Night Messages and SMS  for you whether you are searching for:

romantic Night SMS (Message)

  • These night, come to your patio by becoming a moonlight, these stars sing all the lulls and sleep, you are so sweet dreams, even in the sleep of you smile !!

  •  These night, come to your patio by becoming a moonlight, these stars sing all the lulls and sleep, you are so sweet dreams, even in the sleep of you smile !!

  • In Cool Cool Night, in the Small Small Room, outside the Very Small Window, looking at Bright Bright Star, you are lost in Sweet Sweet Dreams !!

  • We will wake up sleeping, we will steal your sleep, we will be able to SMS every time, we will come to you, but you will also remember that anger, we will come.

  • The moon started shining with the stars, the fragrance of flowers started to roam the world, so have the night, too much Nidia Rani is also coming to see you!

  • Passengers, please pay attention. No.1 Good Night Express has arrived on the platform of your eyelashes, Sweet Passenger is requested to sleep with his beloved dreams !!

  • With the lovely light of the night, with the twinkling of Taro, with the blossom of moonlight, with a lovely smile, with a good night

  • Night comes secretly, an innings, some happy dreams bring a fairy, say, lose in the lap of the dreams, all sorts of forgetfulness go to sleep!

  • If there was no night in the charisma of charity, then they would not have met him in the dream, they would have come, if they did not sleep, they would have come here.

good night wishes for boyfriend

  • The night he went to sleep, went to lose sweet dreams, to give him sweet lily, when he does not give a reply then throw it off the bed !!

  • Do not know how the person comes to master, if there is night, then comes in the eyes, where do I go to escape from the thoughts of him, he is seen on my road !!

  • Forget what happened in the night, and if we did not send it to you, then you forgot to remember us !!

  • Learn more about MSG for laughing It is possible to receive MSG every time you even meet with us, you also learn MESSAGE !! Good night

  • Laughter is a laughing thing, even if we do not sleep, we wake up while sleeping, and awake sleeping Ishq!

  • In these palko I have some dreams, I have some things, something is mine, I do not know what kind of luck, but some people are far away, even in their thoughts

Good Night Message for Wife

  • Look, the night came, I remembered the point of saying Good Night, we were sitting in the sanctuary of the stars, when you saw the moon, you remembered !!

  • How can I live without these nights, how will you endure the grief of the night, these nights are long, these watches will wait, change the curves and change these nights !!

  • Moon stars are all for you, dreams sweet sweet is all for you, do not forget, you never know, goodnight by our side is for you !!

  • The moonlite is spreading all around, mosquito is also desirous to give you lovebite, embrace the pillow to sleep tight, and then say sweet dreams wala 'Good Night' !!

Funny Good Night Wishes

  • At night, when someone woke you up, someone came to your bed with silence, so then the Abe lid shouted loud thief thief !!

  • Dark road, deserted graveyard, sunny mansion, black sky, lightning struck, storm overnight, sojaya satan, good night !!

  • Are you troubled with mosquitoes, if you have problems in sleep, then? ? ? Sleep after mosquito sleeping !! Waat n Idea Sir Jee GOOD Night Jii !!

  • Hello!!!! This is our mid night service, in which we spoil the sleep of the night after midnight !! Thanks! Sleep now

  • Stay in the world, live in dreams, make someone your own, or get somebody else, if nothing happens then take pillow and sleep!

  • We are lacs good but people say bad, we are spoiled, say Nawab, we have become so infamous, even drink water, so people are called drunken !!

  • Ram Chandra said that one day Kaliyuga will come from Siya, SHSHSHSHShhhh ... by decreasing the Volume, Papa will wake up! Good Night!!

  • Since you have seen me I do not sleep at night, and whenever you remember, only one voice comes from the heart, "All you have to do is avoid the mistake!"

Short Good Night  Wishes

    The sleeping person goes to sleep, and with a fortune, he just keeps on worrying about gold, ask the reason, all the diseases of the heart only tell! Good Night!!

  • Hub Mubarak, you will find this information in the night, in your dreams, with yourself, open when your eyes are very happy, with you !!

  • The sleeping person goes to sleep, and with a fortune, he just keeps on worrying about gold, ask the reason, all the diseases of the heart only tell! Good Night!!

  • Let the moon of the night salute you, the voice of the parrot will adorn you, the lord who keeps the world happy, think of your happiness every moment !!

  • Saw jai e heart, now the haze is very much in your city, you do not see it and what you see is not your own !!

  • If we do not get sleeping from bowing down empty eyelids, sleeps are those people who do not have any memories !!

  • I have become a habit of sleeping by crying to me, the day my eyes do not open, you will hate sleeping !!

  • To be famous, not to be arrogant, not to be successful in the success of prosperity, you can find all the affairs here, but do not get away from it for yourself.

  • If you can not write the happiness of someone by becoming a pencil, then try one of the good Rubber Beans, erase one's gum !!

Sad Good Night Hindi Wishes

  • We do not sleep all night, how many times we cry out of the night, just once, tell me my rubbish, why do not we even love someone like this?

  • We can not be angry with you, if you promise, you can not become unfaithful, even if you forget us and sleep, but we can not sleep without you remembering !! $$ Good Night $$

  • When their eyes will be engraved, we will have love for somebody in the heart, the night is going on in their memory, sometimes they will be waiting for us too !!

Sad Good Night

  • A blinking should be closed, it will be seen in khabanon, waiting will start again in the morning, at least the night will be cut happily !!

  • Surely there will also be a story of stars, the world of the moon will also be appreciated, neither is Yu, the sky is so beautiful, surely it will also be a sign of someone's love !!

  • When the moon stars shining at night, we always suffer again in your memory, you have left us, but we want to meet you!

  • Do not be in place of tears in your eyes, I do not have reasons to forget you, if you forget, in some way do not insult me ​​in the next morning of life!

Sad Good Night WIshes in Hindi for Husband

Sad Good Night WIshes in Hindi for Husband

  • Lakhs do try, it does not come, it comes and goes, remembrance remembers you, all night again, does not give you sleep, my love is sweet !!

  • The moon's light, the stars in the sky .. It will be true now, we will meet Khwab. Humasafar will be on the journey of life, our dreams will be fulfilled now!

  • I do not wanna have any night, we have to remember him and there is no one with us, that's all there is some tears.

Sad Good Night Hindi Wishes for Wife

  • We were immersed in your memory, we stayed with ourselves all night, we saw all smiling at us, but we kept breaking in from inside.

  • Every night we get trapped in Tanhayo, and tears come in your memory, the night shifts silently, and we keep on breaking in your waiting !!

  • Tanah is silent night is dark, in my eyes is the bushes of Tshuo, living in the memory of him, we are the luck of mine!

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